App Registration in Microsoft Azure for Office 365 Migration

STEP 1: Login to Microsoft Azure Portal

  • click here :
  • You can login to azure portal for App Registration
  • 2nd Steps to click on Azure Active Directory
  • 3rd Steps to click on App Registration
App Registration

STEP 2: App Registration - Step by Step Guide

App Registration
  • Enter App Name like as - Office 365 Migration
  • Supported Account Type - Account in this organization directory only(---- Only + Single tenant)
  • Redirct URI Type ->> Select a platform "Public client/native(mobile & desktop) -->> Enter URI copy & paste: "urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob"
  • If you are enter fill all detail completed then Click to "Register" button

STEP 3: Show You App Registration

App Registration
  • Please Note Client Id and Tenant Id - It is required for Office MFA Login Time

STEP 4: Generate Certificates & secrets

App Registration
  • Click on - "Certificates & secrets"
  • Go to "Certificates & secrets"
  • Add New Client Secrets

STEP 5: Add a Client secrets

App Registration
  • Please Enter Description
  • Select Expires Date for valid
  • Click to "Add" button

STEP 6: API Permission

App Registration
  • Click to Left Side On "API Permission" Link
  • Click to + Add Permission

STEP 7: Request API Permission

App Registration
  • Select an API
  • APIs my organizatio uses
  • Search and Select "Office 365 Exchange Online"

STEP 8: Request API Permission >> Application Permission

App Registration
  • Select a "Application Permission"
  • full_access_an_app - Uses Exchange Web Servies with full access to all mailboxes
  • Click to "Add Permission" button

STEP 9: Request API Permission >> Grant admin consent

App Registration
  • Click to [Grant admin consent for "Your Organization Name"] link

STEP 10: Request API Permission >> Grant admin consent >> confirmation

App Registration
  • Click to "Yes" Button

STEP 11: Request API Permission >> Grant admin consent >> Refresh

App Registration
  • You can see here permission has been granted for you App

STEP 12: Enter ClientId and TenantId into vMail Application Office 365 Login Portal

App Registration
  • You can Found ClientId and TenantId into Azure Portal - App Overview section
  • You can copy & paste ClientId and TenantId
  • Click to "Login Now" button

STEP 13: You can validate Login to Micriosoft Open Dialog

App Registration
  • Enter Global Admin Email Address or Select Email Address

STEP 14: Enter Global Admin Password

App Registration
  • Click to Sign In Button

STEP 15: App Permission Request

App Registration
  • Checked - Consent on behlf of your Organization
  • Click here Accept button

You are successfully login office 365 Global Admin Account.

if you are facing another issue then Add impersonation rights in Exchange admin center (EAC)

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